Carrie Fisher would have led next 'Star Wars' before her sudden death

Carrie Fisher would have led next 'Star Wars' before her sudden death

"She was having a blast", said Kennedy of Fisher's time shooting The Last Jedi. "Because Harrison [Ford] was front and center on 'VII, ' and Mark [Hamill] is front and center on 'VIII, '" says Kennedy.

Although The Last Jedi doesn't arrive until December, the promotional machinery appears to be gearing up in earnest. This will be the first Star Wars episodic movie to open in May since Return of the Jedi in May of 1983.

This is heartbreaking confirmation that Leia makes it all the way through The Last Jedi and would have gone on to even greater things in the next movie. "Because I think of her in the present tense". The Sicario star is playing "a "shady character" of unclear allegiances... who goes unnamed in the film but is called DJ by the filmmakers".

The late actress Carrie Fisher was to be the leading force of the ninth film in the Star Wars saga and plans were derailed by her sudden death a year ago, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said.

"I can't say that phrase, what you just said: Carrie's name and then the d-word".

The gallery mostly consists of (very cool) photos of characters we already know and love, like Leia, Luke, Finn, and Rey. Perhaps most importantly, the VF piece finally reveals what the goddess Laura Dern is doing in space: She's a "prominent officer in the resistance".

They also paid tribute to their original cast member Carrie Fisher, who played the fierce but handsome Princess Leia and who died on December 27 2016.

"I rented a theater for the... first showing in Franklin, Tennessee, for my band and crew as our end-of-the-year Christmas party" he recalls, "and we all brought our kids..."

"Carrie lived her life the way she wanted to, never apologizing for anything, which is something I'm still learning", Ridley told Vanity Fair.

It'll be bittersweet to see Fisher in her final Star Wars film when "The Last Jedi" opens December 15.



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