A ton of new features with iOS 11

A ton of new features with iOS 11

I've been using the iOS 11 developer beta for about a week now on both my iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro. At WWDC 2017, Apple demoed a 3D video on a table with an iPad, which showed a battle with flying ships and explosive action sequences. However, if you want it before everyone else, you can sign up for Apple's beta program and download iOS 11 right now. Videos will now being HEVC format instead of H.264, while photos will be HEIF instead of JPEGs.

Apple is no longer going to support the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C because these devices have 32-bit processors. With the update, Siri will now learn more about the users habits, giving it a deeper understanding of the user.

The new ARKit allows iOS developers to build apps using augmented reality (AR) technology that rely on the device's camera to view real-world environments with the addition of digital elements. The 12.9-inch model gains performance updates, and also a new sibling. Siri will also be capable of contextual learning. This will help not only in extending the battery life, but also in offering better user location privacy. If a user taps the Pencil on the display, it will open up their most recent Notes item, even from the lock screen. Navigation will also come with speed limits and lane guidance. Users who are just riding will have the ability to disable the feature when they are not driving.

Yet with all the of the major new features, Apple, as usual, has baked in a ton of minor enhancements that, when taken as a whole, make iOS 11 greater than the sum of its major-feature parts. Apple offered a sneak preview of the new iMac Pro, a space-gray colored, all-in-one that will put all of the company's other Macs to shame.

You wake it up by saying "hey, Siri". From a dev standpoint, this will lead to the creation apps that can detect NFC tags and read NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) messages. The software boasts of some exciting new features such as a new Control Center, peer-to-peer payments via Apple Pay, Do No Disturb While Driving, an improved Maps app, a smarter Siri, and revamped Apple Music.

The Dock - the row of app icons you know from using a regular Mac - is expanded with iOS 11.

I didn't care for Notification Center in iOS 10 because it grouped all my notifications under a "Recent" category, which got messy very quick. The feature is Offload Unused Apps, and this new feature will automatically get rid of the apps you hardly ever use.

The debate is still on regarding this, with some believing Apple will disguise them completely and other pointing towards a small sensor bar being present on top.

Now the iPad is set to get several long-awaited features which should make it perform more like a traditional computer. Not only is that terrific news for developers, but it's also good for Apple because the company collects 30 percent of the proceeds of app sales and in-app purchases.

Now, with the revelation of iOS 11 and iPad-specific features, it looks like Apple is warming to the idea of giving users more of a desktop-like experience on its tablets.



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