Kathy Griffin not 'laying down' for Trump, fears career is over

Kathy Griffin not 'laying down' for Trump, fears career is over

"And then I was just like, this isn't right". "I will continue. I beg for your forgiveness". "It was a mob mentality pile-on".

The 56-year-old comedian said those statements prompted her to pose with the Trump severed head, which was a mask mounted on a Styrofoam wig mould.

Attorney Lisa Bloom says Griffin has retained a criminal attorney, who also appeared at a Friday press conference in which Griffin apologized again for the images.

Bloom said that Griffin couldn't have imagined that her stunt would be misinterpreted and that other artists have done worse. "And that's what happened to Kathy", she continued.

"I'm not afraid of Donald Trump", Griffin said.

In response to the criticism from the president and his family, Bloom said it marked the "first time in history the president of the United States and his family are personally attempting to ruin a comedian".

This might strike you as unusual ― after all, on what grounds can Griffin complain about being bullied by the Trump family after releasing a lurid photo of her hoisting the president's severed head?

Prior to taking on Griffin as a client, Bloom represented three of the women claiming that ousted Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly sexually harassed them.

"I don't think I will have a career after this", Griffin said. When asked how she felt about being fired from CNN she said it hurt her: "Look, there's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me".

Griffin admitted that there are some things she would change about the photo shoot. "I may get arrested today, I don't know". The comedian added the Trump using her as a "shiny object" so that nobody will talk about the FBI investigation about the potential ties between his 2016 presidential campaign with Russians.

Griffin also explained that she believed she was a clear target of a sexist culture.

"Remember the Monica dress days?" But as soon as she'd melt down, she'd make a joke. "Those were the days".

"Shazam" host Jamie Foxx told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday "as comedians sometimes you do go beyond, past the line".

The comedian vacillated between somber and frenetic throughout the press conference, making jokes to cover for nerves and often dissolving into tears.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday called Griffin “disgusting” and said the photo was “completely outrageous.”.

Griffin released six Grammy-nominated comedy albums, performed in specials for HBO and Bravo, appeared on NBC's "Suddenly Susan", and won two Emmys for her reality show "My Life on the D-List", which aired from 2005 to 2010.

'I do not think I will have a career after this...



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