SoCal activists rally against new health care proposal

SoCal activists rally against new health care proposal

In an effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act and reform America's health care system, Republicans in the House of Representatives sent the American Health Care Act to the Senate after narrowly passing the legislation May 4.

With an entitlement program like Medicaid, moreover, in which defined categories of people receive defined benefits automatically, annual spending increases are virtually guaranteed unless the population is shrinking or the economy is really booming.

The American Medical Association is opposed to the bill and Rick Pollack, president and CEO of the American Hospital Association, says it "moves in the opposite direction of providing heath coverage".

Only eight states-California, Connecticut, Maryland, Montana, New York, Oregon, Texas and Washington-have approved plans for the program, which allows states to provide home and community-based attendant services and supports to Medicaid beneficiaries.

The budget office previously projected that the Senate plan would mean $772 billion less in federal Medicaid spending over the next decade, a drop of 26 percent.

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Unfortunately, the United States Senate has put millions of jobs at risk with its counterproductive gutting of Medicaid proposed under the Better Care Reconciliation Act. On average, NYC public hospitals serve 1.2 million people annually, of which more than 425,000 are already uninsured, according to city figures. That can not be good. In teaming up with members, their families and their communities, we help Oregonians live better lives, prevent illness and respond effectively to health issues. It's a challenge that could be magnified as about 22 million people lose insurance coverage - making them less likely to show up at the hospital until they are sicker, and taking care of them is more expensive.

More than half a million seniors in Florida rely on Medicaid coverage, including many in rural areas, said Ann Swerlick, an analyst with the Florida Policy Institute. Due in part to lingering problems with the technology, the Oregon Health Authority acknowledged this spring that it has distributed billions of Medicaid dollars for people unable to verify whether they met income qualifications.

Q: If enacted, what effects do you anticipate in your health system? "We don't know exactly, but when you have 25% cuts, we know that there's going to be pretty negative impact on services provided". "We've all witnessed the outcomes of untreated addictions", Wille said. The health department had a community forum Wednesday to discuss concerns about the ACA and the BCRA. We advocated during deliberations that any bill should protect our citizens with the least means and the most health needs. At the very highest level, it would be things like trends in infant mortality going in the wrong direction.

"There are two million people who work in nursing facilities".

Medicaid picks up about $65,000 in health costs for James beyond the Bakers' insurance coverage, paying for a nurse for 20 hours a week, physical therapy, feeding tubes and a specialized bed that isn't covered by insurance.

Meeting in secret, the U.S. Senate has been working on its own version of repeal and replace.

This issue is not about a political party, he said, "this is about the health of our society, our people, our friends, our neighbors, our family". On the other, it has opened up health care to scores of low-income residents, and has enabled health workers to make progress against long-standing health disparities. He and others can make changes to the measure behind closed doors and during the open Senate debate.

Perhaps one of the most watched impacts occurs with state agencies, hospitals and healthcare providers on the front lines of care.



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