The Health Insurance Tax: Obamacare's Forgotten Tax

The Health Insurance Tax: Obamacare's Forgotten Tax

The GOP is sure to face fire on all sides over its effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

What's needed to move forward?

The Democrats were able to play on the fears that Republicans were bent on victimizing helpless citizens. That's what Republicans, who don't believe everyone deserves health care, want to do. The President has threatened to terminate these payments as a way to force Congress to repeal the ACA, and this uncertainty has created significant turmoil in the markets. Brian Sandoval (R) in which both men voiced their opposition to the initial Senate bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. For a policy change of this magnitude to be lasting and stable, it should have at least some bipartisan support. There is a enormous difference between being unhappy with the current proposal that everyone understood was not the final product, and being the person responsible for putting a stake in the heart of the effort to save us all from a government-controlled health system.

"Based on corporate financial filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Herman did research on 113 heads of 70 of the largest USA health care companies in the last seven years". Let me outline a few corollary goals. That proposal would do wonders for soaring the out-of-control budget.Instead because of the three wisest people in America, we will be harnessed with this dysfunctional system waiting for an imaginary cooperative moment between two political parties with two distinctly different agendas and two distinctly different end games. Along with doing research, committees should meet with representatives of the medical community including doctors, pharmacists and hospital administrators; health care insurers; community wellness centers; Planned Parenthood Centers; and drug treatment facilities. It took them eight years to come up with a plan that will remove 25 million Americans off health insurance. Without healthy people in the risk pool, insurance companies would have to charge higher, often unaffordable, premiums to those with pre-existing conditions and older Americans. I urge Republicans and Democrats to work together so that every single American can have access to affordable and reliable healthcare. Unlike Cruz, most Republicans know they now own much of the outcome on Obamacare and would prefer Trump not intentionally sabotage the markets by canceling the payments.

At issue is the ACA requirement that insurers offer comprehensive plans with deductibles and co-pays artificially reduced so that they are affordable to Americans who earn between 100 and 250 percent of the federal poverty level, or up to about $30,000 for an individual. The tax credits help stabilize insurance costs.

Progressives have to travel further than this. I don't see why my health insurance has become a political issue.

We are tops in one category: costs. Most notably, Trump threatened to weaken the mandate that individuals carry health insurance.

Republicans can hide or run, blame, moan or groan, but the idea they can spend or waste any more of the legislative calendar pretending they can pass a health care reform bill without Democrats is now a national joke. What we do know is we want affordable health care that stays affordable. I don't think that's the answer - I hope people who continue to support Trump find that they can not see eye to eye on the political approach he has taken on health care - but I think people's minds are changed not by fact but by something that they feel and discover themselves, and you have to allow that opportunity to happen.



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