"Cult" TV Show Returns as AHS Premieres


Cult is not helping. Liberals want the scripted equivalent of a big hug, coupled with an announcement that Trump will be called out for his ties to Russian Federation and quickly impeached. "There is nothing more unsafe in the world than a humiliated man", he declares early on, a signal that he's a stand-in for Trump's red-meat supporters who felt disenfranchised by an increasingly diverse and progressive world seemingly leaving them behind. Everyone wants to see what the new gag is, but the last two seasons were ludicrous and audiences left in droves.

The season begins on election night, as shown in the trailer, but will only be using Trump and Clinton to kick off the season. Evan Peters plays a punk named Kai Anderson who has dyed his hair blue and is chanting U.S. over and over again.

Some seem obvious after last night's premiere: Peters' blue-haired Kai Anderson is definitely bad, while Paulson's Ally and her wife, Alison Pill's Ivy, are good guys. Ally cries, worrying that she's losing her mind. While the title might lead you to expect a certain kind of horror story, this is a show that aims to examine the cult of personality that finds a foothold in discord... and one woman's truly ruptured psyche. Her hair is dyed a color other than her natural one, she lives with him, and based on that scene of them playing the finger game spliced with her applying to work for Ally, it seems like she's willing to do his bidding. (I'm right there with you, sis.) Her friend is anxious that Winter is going to self harm herself. "She went to Arizona, for God's sakes". In an interview with IGN, he said, "One of the things that I personally experienced after this election was a wild increase in anxiety". It isn't clear if Twisty will return or this was just a fan callback and general reminder to check out now if you're still dealing with any unresolved coulrophobia. As she spirals further into her post-election fugue state, she's haunted by more and more phobias, like killer clowns and surfaces with tiny holes. "But as much as I hate him, I didn't trust her!" "Above all, humans love fear". Kai is advocating that people give up their freedom so that they can be rid of the things that haunt them in the supermarket.

It's a cutting satirical take on progressives and the alt-right alike-Hillary voters may be emotional snowflakes, but Trump supporters are angry losers living in their mom's basement-that might immediately turn off people who aren't willing to look in the mirror too long.

In another scene, Kai fills a condom with his urine while singing La Cucaracha to a group of Hispanic men, then throws it at them. There is something seriously wrong with this dude.

The season could end there, it's terrifying enough, but it doesn't.

"American Horror Story" had an advance press screening of the new season's first three episodes, which are "Election Night", "Don't be Afraid of the Dark", and "Neighbors from Hell", IGN confirmed. One clown can be seen chasing her with a knife while others are seeing engaging in intercourse while in the middle of the produce aisle. He then proceeds to dump cheese puffs into a blender and smear them on his face to go taunt his sister Winter (Billie Lourd, in her inaugural role in the series). Strangely, many of these viewers do tend to come back for the premiere of the next season, but we're not so sure that they will for Cult for a number of different reasons. At the beginning of the show, viewers learn that Winter has spent the a year ago working tirelessly on the campaign trail to earn Hillary Clinton votes. But should they be casting their vote for this year's gimmick?

The outcome, however, doesn't just unsettle Ally, but also unleashes a series of dormant phobias, including her fear of (sigh) homicidal clowns. As she makes her way through, she runs into about six of them doing various activities: skating around, loitering, banging in the cantaloupes, just general tomfoolery and stuff.

Ultimately, I'm just a bit exhausted of all the politics.



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