Paul still opposes GOP health care bill, despite changes

Paul still opposes GOP health care bill, despite changes

Do not take our word for it.

The revised bill - sponsored by Sens.

So Hatch then shut the hearing down, saying it would resume when order was restored. "That's pretty much as much of a reason as the substance of the bill". Florida features a competitive Senate race in 2018 for the seat now held by Democrat Bill Nelson, a supporter of the Obama health law. His office wouldn't tell us. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said it would be "very hard for me to envision a scenario where I would end up voting for this bill", citing its changes to Medicaid, weakened protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and the lack of a Congressional Budget Office analysis of its effects. Outside experts have tried to fill the gap, and their conclusions have been alarming.

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Republicans can't afford to lose any more votes, so the plan's authors now seem to be targeting states whose senators are possible "no" votes.

The initial version of the Republican bill required states to get federal approval to make those changes. Lindsey Graham of SC and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, would eliminate the mandate that everyone has to have health insurance. Most would struggle to maintain the coverage gains of the past decade.

That is despite the fact that the bill was tweaked expressly to give Kentucky, Arizona, Maine and Alaska more money than under the prior version of the bill. And it makes it easier for states to roll back federal insurance regulations, a step that health care analyst Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation says could leave people with pre-existing conditions priced out of insurance markets. Millions of Americans would lose their health insurance coverage, Medicaid funding would be slashed, key patient protections could be terminated, and even older Americans would see their premiums soar.

With only 52 Senate Republicans, GOP leaders knew they didn't have a chance of neutering a Democratic filibuster on any repeal and replace effort.

"There are many Republican senators who have committed to voting for the bill who have not had time to fully consider it". That year is when the biggest spending reductions from the legislation by GOP Sens. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., scuttled the negotiations in service of the very bad plan from Sens.

The National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD) argues that a hasty passage of the Medicaid reforms presented in the Graham-Cassidy bill will have significant consequences for public payer programs and the health outcomes of their beneficiaries.

GOP leaders face an uphill fight this week to prevent a final defeat of their health effort. The bill is a major departure from previous repeal bills because it keeps most major tax provisions of the ACA and ends the individual and employer mandates without any replacement like a continuous coverage requirement.



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