All the Pixel 3 Features Coming to the Pixel 2

All the Pixel 3 Features Coming to the Pixel 2

Here's a photo from Google's press event comparing its new Night Sight to the iPhone Xs. Charging is entirely wireless with the Pixel Stand, and at the same time, your phone becomes a display (akin to a smart home set-up) that plays music, transition to a photo frame when idle plus a handful of other tricks unique only to the Pixel 3. It's the first time Google has embraced the format, which Apple adopted a year ago with its iPhone X.

EE is offering the Pixel 3 for £58 per month but only needs a £10 downpayment, while the Pixel 3 XL will cost £63 per month and need a £20 upfront payment. Google launch many products but Pixel 3 phones, new tablet Pixel Slate and smart home device Google Home Slate caught more attention. While Google didn't specifically say up on stage that it's coming to older devices like the Pixel 2, we have a sneaking suspicion that it will eventually. There was a lack of mention of new hardware technology for this new phone other than wider angle cameras.

Compared to that, the Pixel 2 cost $1079 upon release a year ago. They have bigger displays, better cameras, and updated processors. Also, the Google Camera in the new handsets presently accompany another UI.

Without a contract, the Pixel 3 XL costs $1,399 (64GB) and $1,549 (128GB), while the Pixel 3 costs $1,249 (64GB) and $1,399 (128GB).

When we tested the Pixel 2's battery life in our review, we found it lasted just over 14 hours. Through its Pixel series, Google has been trying for the last few years to make a mark but hasn't managed to get a foothold so far. So don't be surprised if, yet again, the Pixel ends up as an also-ran in the smartphone stakes.

But Andrew Bosworth, the executive running Facebook's hardware division, tells us the company understands the challenge: "From the very beginning we knew that [when] introducing a new product category into people's homes you have to put privacy first".

Both phones run on the same chip as most premium smartphones of 2018.

Android Pie was created to streamline users' experience.

The Galaxy Note 9's 6.4-inch AMOLED display was also praised and is considered by many to be the best panel on a smartphone. The Assistant that accompanies the Chrome OS is also "four times faster" than it was on the first Google tablets.

Google has launched its latest Pixel 3 smartphones in the midst of an embarrassing data exposure scandal. On Tuesday, Made by Google announced via Twitter that they've "added an option to hide the display cutout (the notch)". Apple's iPhone XR, which will be open for pre-order on October 19, is Pixel 3′s closest rival in terms of camera system. iPhone XR also comes with a single lens camera system but it can also take portrait mode photos with bokeh effect via a dedicated chip within the phone. One key feature of the Pixel 3 lineup is an updated Google Camera application that accompanies new features. Fortunately, AndroidCentral walks you through the process. The two-tone design remains, and the cameras and embossed Google logo haven't moved a millimetre.



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