Day of reckoning approaches in first midterm elections of Trump presidency

Day of reckoning approaches in first midterm elections of Trump presidency

With opinion polls showing dozens of tight US congressional and gubernatorial races in Tuesday's election, the current and former presidents said the results would determine what kind of country Americans live in for the next two years.

A number of Greek-American candidates are running for office in U.S. congressional midterm elections Tuesday, widely seen as a referendum on Donald Trump's controversial presidency.

Ms. Swallows and Ms. Kent voted from opposite ends of the political schism. Can Trump's all-out effort to mobilize his base, comprised heavily of non-college-educated men, break up the so-called Blue Wave? But both agreed this election was among the most important of their lifetimes.

"So if you want more caravans and you want more crime, vote Democrat, it's very simple", Trump said.

If you do not like the direction Trump has taken us and believe he needs to be checked and his divisive brand of politics arrested, you will vote Democratic. "Who we are is on the ballot", he said.

Trump's name was on every ballot last time.

He had allegedly lashed out online against Jews he accused of transporting Central American "invaders" into the United States - in language that echoed Trump's attacks on impoverished migrants coming through Mexico.

Even as networks refuse to run the ad, Trump still espouses the same message in it, often telling crowds at his rallies that the migrant caravan is full of risky people.

Among some Republican voters, that message resonated. "There's so many things that are pushing this in unconventional ways", Klein said. "Trump has done a good job at keeping Republicans angry".

"There's something happening out there folks", Trump said, comparing the energy at his recent rallies to those he held in the final days of the 2016 election. However, Trump walked away with the victory against all odds. But if the GOP loses its majority it will need to to go on defense to protect Trump. And she dismissed any criticism of the President as fake news.

"How we conduct ourselves in public life is on the ballot", Obama told Democratic volunteers in suburban Virginia who were working for Senator Tim Kaine and House candidate Jennifer Wexton, who is challenging incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock.

Others expressed a heightened sense of unease and sadness about the state of America's political climate.

And Trump knows this election will impact the future of his agenda - specifically, in nominating and confirming conservative judges.

"It's up to voters whether they get the gavel".

"We've forgotten our decency". "We have to have a wall of people (against the caravan). Instead of a light, it's turned into a nightmare". "It seems to me a referendum on empathy, and whether or not we as a nation have any", said the 34-year-old mother of three daughters.

He said those lawmakers could use their committees to investigate everything from potential impeachment of President Trump to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation testimony to possible Russian collusion. Trump declared in his typical style: "If she gets in, Georgia goes backwards".

Voters on both sides of the aisle appear to be highly motivated this time around.

After a campaign in which Trump was accused of race-baiting with repeated and unsubstantiated references to an "invasion" of undocumented immigrants bent on rape and murder, left-right divisions in America could not be deeper. While President Trump's focus on immigration has helped Republicans in some races, others fear that he has gone too far and alienated swing voters.

Early voting leading up to Tuesday's midterm election revealed a wide variety of concerns with voting and registration systems around the country - from machines that changed voter selections to registration forms tossed out because of clerical errors.



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