Trump, Obama tout clashing visions of USA as elections near

Trump, Obama tout clashing visions of USA as elections near

Along with these, a host of local posts are also up for elections in various states.

But in Indiana, Obama said Republicans were taking credit for the economic renewal that started under his presidency.

Trump is sending up to 15,000 U.S. troops to the border to stave off a caravan of migrants slowly making its way through southern Mexico, hundreds of miles from the border.

Pelosi has also outlined plans to vote on legislation to fund infrastructure projects, reform campaign finance laws, expand background checks for gun sales and provide a path to citizenship for those children of immigrants brought to the United States illegally.

Other areas of oversight could include probing allegations of waste and fraud within the administration (think former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt's spending and former HHS Secretary Tom Price's use of private planes), foreign contacts during the 2016 campaign and the Trump Organization and family members' finances.

Trump, however, has seized this allegedly unconnected-to-the-elections caravan in his inimitable style. He's urging voters to support Democrats because of his concern about "the direction of our nation".

Trump told supporters: "I didn't know Lee Greenwood would be here". "It has always been about securing the safety of the American people and securing our southern border".

These queries buy into the general suspicion against migrants that Trump is fanning with great exuberance.

"We have to have a very clear alternative", she said. It can be considered an invasion.

"That's what's at stake: my heart and soul, along with everybody else's", he said. Much of that has gone to boost turnout among younger voters, although he has produced a nationwide advertising campaign calling for Trump's impeachment.

"I don't give a s**t", Bannon barks when asked about the persistent mocking he's received in recent weeks as news spread about his less than impressive event turnout. Republicans need a near-sweep of these to hold the majority, and none of the polling or early voting numbers suggest support at that level. In the Senate, Republicans hold 51 seats, while Democrats fill 47 seats - the other two seats are both filled by Independents who caucus with the Democrats.

Republicans like to say the Dems are not running on issues and to a certain extent, they're right.

The midterms are a big deal: all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 Senate seats are up for grabs, along with governorships in 39 states and territories.

Outside of that outlier being the norm, however, it doesn't make it impossible for Republicans to hold onto a majority.

The Democrats need a net gain of 24 seats to win a majority, which is no small accomplishment, but the president's low approval ratings have given the party reason to hope.

It comes as the president begins his final whistle-stop tour, in OH, ahead of voting time.

Fort Wayne, Indiana; then Cape Girardeau, Missouri: it will be well after midnight before the real estate billionaire and populist showman gets back to the White House - and only a few hours more before polls open Tuesday across the world's largest economy.

"For Democrats, winning the House is not necessarily about advancing a major agenda of their own; it's about preventing the Republicans from advancing their agenda", Mr Kondik said.
Trump's response to the court decision was to call Kemp's campaign "extraordinary" and attack his Democrat opponent Stacy Abrams.

"Racist!"cried the Democrats, pointing out that Gillum is African-American". "Deplorable is adorable", read a T-shirt worn by a Trump supporter at his rally. "If he gets in, Georgia goes forward".

With a characteristic mix of folksiness, bombast and sometimes cruel humor, he says voters must choose between his stewardship of a booming economy and strong focus on security and what he claims would be the Democrats' hard-left policies.

What it would mean: Trump and the GOP losing both the House and the Senate would be a seismic shift, given the inherent advantage Republicans have on both maps.



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